Why Ripple XRP Could Be the Crypto Option to Own Right Now.

3 min readMay 13, 2021

If we talk about cryptocurrencies, Ripple (XRP-USD) is a small-cap option as compared to Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and Ethereum (ETH-USD).

Most of the investors in XRP used to like the growth track of this smaller decentralized currency as compared to the larger cryptocurrencies.

In fact, if any “investment” gains inevitable growth in size, then long term prospects decline.

If investors who accelerate the growth area, think that cryptocurrencies have a shot at growing their influence relative to their peers then they should focus on the smaller-cap players.

So let us uncover why XRP stock can be a winner for such investors.

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Ripple Specially Designed for Business

The extremely important fact for investors to take seriously is that XRP was created specifically for real-world use cases.

Personally, my focus on cryptocurrency is that for most of the digital coins there is not any visible path to becoming a ubiquitous payment method. It can be made the case that various digital tokens are definitely a repository of value. However, cryptocurrency has little utility as far as being “currency-like” is concerned in common currency transactions.

I do not want to pay in a currency in which appreciation or depreciation occurs in double-digits on a daily basis. It becomes very difficult to buy a bread. when we’re talking about six or seven decimal places, In context of dealing with bitcoin.

However, XRP was specially designed to handle payments. Even in the context of cross- border payments XRP decentralized blockchain technology allows the transaction to be settled immediately.

For those who know how the SWIFT process works, this technique is a major upgrade over the technology of SWIFT. Transactions through XRP’s Blockchain technology can be approved in 3–5 seconds, however it takes 3–5 business days to approve it through SWIFT, This is a real world upgrade.

Ripplenet a Big Deal

XRP’s Ripplenet is a decentralized network which uses XRP Ledger and XRP cryptocurrency to provide a global payment platform for users.

Ripplenet is widely used globally and is growing under influence, although perhaps not to the degree that many people have expected in recent years.

The benefit of using Ripplenet is mainly related to transaction headaches caused by international transfers. There is a lot to be done when doing foreign transactions.

Loading an account with foreign currency has ended with Ripplenet. As a financial institution has to pay currency exchange fees. Of course, waiting days for the transaction to be approved may be the most annoying part.

Ripplenet is a cheaper and more efficient alternative for businesses through which transaction is settled on both sides immediately and in local currency. This is obviously beneficial for large multinationals with cross-border banking needs.

The Last Line on Ripple XRP

In general, cryptocurrencies are still dawning in relation to wide-spread use. However, as I mentioned, Real-world usage of XRP are attractive.

Accordingly, I think investors should consider “fun money” and with the inclination to place bets on these speculative assets. As far as long term bets is considered (and I see all cryptocurrencies as speculative long term bets), The use case of Ripple XRP is certainly interesting. I like the highly-promoted nature of XRP as compared to its crypto peers.

It remains to be seen to what extent XRP will increase its share of the foreign exchange market. However, I like Target Niche Ripple and XRP right now. It is a cryptocurrency with a purpose.

Indeed, I warn investors to invest only what they can afford to lose in XRP, or any cryptocurrencies. It is impossible to predict what the market value of these digital tokens may be (or should be), so trade with caution.

As of the date of publication, the author did not hold (directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities referred to in this article.




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